Online marketing packed with delitchious vitamin C*

Litchi Online Marketing is a cutting edge online marketing agency, started with the vision to lead the change in the way companies write, market and communicate online with their existing and potential customers.

Litchi Online Marketing offers each and every one of its clients a personalized holistic approach, tailored to their specific needs in the following segments: Content, Community Management, Social Media Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Litchi is innovative, creative and passionate about content and online marketing, which is what we do with love and the recognition that we all work with people.

*Litchi is a delicious fruit packed with vitamin C. Litchi Online Marketing offers you a holistic online marketing solution, which includes the vital 3C’s: Content, Community, Conversions.

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How can Litchi Online Marketing boost your online presence?

Superb Content

  • Original concepts for content worlds, holistic content strategy, brand stories.

  • Original marketing content for websites, blogs and social media channels.

  • Ongoing content management (including writing) for websites, blogs and social media channels.

Community Management & Social Media Marketing by leading experts

  • Community management on various social media channels, in order to create lively and buzzing communities that hold true value for their members, while in complete sync with the company’s website. Our perception of community management includes reputation and crisis management.

  • Marketing and advertising on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, forums and more).

Top Notch SEO Services
(Search Engine Optimization)

  • Global SEO services including highly competitive niches.

  • Consulting (including hands on project management) in the process of building a new website.

  • SEO consulting services for managers and C-levels.

These days, we are in the midst of creating our fresh delitchious website (so much fun!).

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